Birthplace of the Revolution

It might look old-fashioned now, but in 1908 the Model T was revolutionary. Inexpensive, lightweight, durable, and easy to drive and repair, it was a great value for ordinary families. It quickly became the most popular car on the planet. The Model T changed not only what we drove then, but how we live today. And it was conceived, developed, and built right here.


Undergoing Evolution

Today, you can visit the birthplace of the Model T. The Ford Piquette Avenue Plant is again open and evolving into a symbol of Detroit’s ability to invent, innovate, and rebound. Walk the plank floors worn smooth by hundreds of workers and thousands of cars. See Henry Ford’s competition, his early successes and false starts. Learn how volunteers saved one of the world’s most significant industrial buildings. And support our ongoing restoration and education projects here in the mechanical heart of Detroit.



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